I don’t know about y’all but those late night feeds are not for the weak! I had to create a survival plan simply for those moments. That plan consisted of binge watching TV shows on my cellphone while nursing my baby in the glider. Occasionally, I would read books on my Nook glow light but I mostly watched a lot of TV. Like, a lot! In my late night, screen-time heavy sleep disturbance, I discovered a love for several TV shows that helped me feel connected to motherhood. So many of the mothers on the shows had similar issues to me and similar beautiful moments as well. Even though they’re all characters on a TV show, I felt an incredible sense of belonging during my sleep deprived state. Here are 10 shows that truly displayed the ups and downs of parenthood.

late night feeds, binge worthy motherhood shows

Parenthood (Netflix)

Everyone loves Parenthood! If you didn’t know, this show is based on a movie! Anyways, I’m currently rewatching and it still holds up! As my kids get older, I love it and relate to it even more.

Jane the Virgin (Netflix)

Funny story, when I was having breastfeeding issues, so was Jane. When Jane’s baby learned to walk, so did my first baby! Our children hit similar milestones at the same time and so did Jane and I as mothers. Aside from the drama, I really emphasized with this character. This show was perfect for me to watch as a first time mom that needed a little laugh or two.

The Letdown (Netflix)

An Australian show that follows several different mothers and their postpartum journey. This show is sweet and funny and very relatable. I love that it tackles so many different aspects of motherhood. For instance, there’s the stay at home mom, the over-sharing mom on social media, the mom that looks like she has it together but totally doesn’t, the mom who is just lost, etc. It’s so good. Watch it.

Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

A CLASSIC! I started watching this show for the first time right before my pregnancy. I found out that I was pregnant with a girl while watching it as well. I felt such an excitement to think about the potential of having a Lorelai/Rory relationship with my baby girl! This is a great mother-daughter show.

Great News (Netflix)

This is one of the funniest and most underrated comedies ever. It is written by one of the writers from 30 Rock so if you liked that show, you’ll like this one too! So, this is also a show about a mother-daughter relationship. The mother is very attached and the daughter is learning how to leave the nest until they end up working together at a news station. It’s cute and HILARIOUS.

Working Moms (Netflix)

This is a newer Canadian Netflix show about moms learning to juggle going back to work after baby. Because I was so nervous about this phase of my life, I can completely understanding the struggles that these moms face. This is a comedy but so, so real! Please know that there is definitely crude language and the first scene opens with bare breasts exposed. It’s still so good, y’all.

Catastrophe (Amazon Prime)

This is, by far, one of my favorite shows ever! It’s also a comedy (seriously, it’s HILARIOUS) but tackles some really intense moments in parenthood. The show tackles postpartum depression, going back to work, alcoholism, etc. It’s really, really good but also be warned, it can be pretty crude.

SMILF (Showtime)

This show is kind of dark so steer clear if you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy. While it has it’s comedic moments, it can be very intense to watch as it has such heavy topics. The main character is a single mother working to be the best mom that she can be in unfortunate circumstances. Several scenes in the first season are so authentic. I can vividly remember myself watching and nodding my head in solidarity.

Blackish (ABC/Streaming)

Blackish doesn’t just follow the mother’s perspective but the family as a whole. From the perspective of a black family in America, several topics revolving around race and parenting are discussed. This show is funny, insightful, and educational. Each season just keeps getting better! One particular scene that really resonated with me is when Rainbow (mother of the show) was having breastfeeding issues and her mother-in-law was secretly supplementing… drama! It’s so good and I obviously recommend it!

I’m Sorry (Tru TV/Streaming)

We recently discovered this show and it’s ridiculously funny! Again, it has pretty crude language so keep the kiddos out of the room but it takes the funniest spin on parenting ever! Think Curb Your Enthusiasm meets mom life!

I know that there are tons of things that you do during your late night feed. I’d love to hear more about what you do at night? Do you watch TV? What shows are you loving right now?