A “Cup of Coffee” with Erica

If you’re wondering what I mean when I say that you can “buy me a cup of coffee” over the internet, all I mean is that you can donate to my endless coffee fund 😉

The tricky thing about being a lactation consultant and putting myself on the internet is that I get several emails with people asking me questions very specific to them. I am honestly so flattered but at the same time, it tends to be overwhelming.

Instead of pushing everyone away, I’m trying to make effort to answer these questions and address these concerns. Because I’m another millennial with a full-time job and mother to two toddlers, my time is MONEY. My time is irreplaceable. I want to do everything to be there for everyone but I can’t do it all for free. With that being said, I can answer those really specific questions or concerns on a donation basis.

Too long, didn’t read: I can’t guarantee a response unless you pay for my time. #reclaimingmytime