Maintaining Milk Supply

6 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Milk Supply

increase your milk supply

After discussing factors that affect your milk supply and foods that support lactation, I felt that it was time to discuss some tips to increase your supply. If you haven’t read the previous two posts discussing milk supply, I would definitely start there. You can find those posts here and here. 

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The Best (and Worst) Foods for Breastfeeding

foods for breastfeeding

A common question that I get asked at work is “what can I eat to increase my milk supply?“. There are several non-food related things that I recommend trying first but I also love to answer this question by suggesting a few lactogenic (or milk boosting) foods. This post will have all of the best (and not-so-great) foods […]

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10 Potential Causes of Low Milk Supply

breastfeeding, low milk supply, breast pumping

Low milk supply is a common concern of many breastfeeding parents. A lot of focus is spent on what they can do to fix it instead of thinking about what has already been done. Before you start downing multiple tea bags of lactation teas and those yummy lactation cookies, let’s try to get to the […]

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