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introducing The Milk Memoirs, an infant feeding journal

the milk memoirs

the act of feeding your baby is filled with many emotions. 

love. loathing. fear. excitement. confidence. sadness. bliss. pain.

the list goes on and on. 

what better way to fully capture the ups and downs of infant feeding than with a journal?

The Milk Memoirs is an infant feeding journal dedicated to serving as a safe place for parents to inscribe their feeding journey. whether you’re directly nursing, combination feeding, exclusively pumping, and so on, The Milk Memoirs is still a journal for you.

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still curious about the journals? lets answer some FAQs.

Q: How long does the journal last?

A: The duration of time to use the journal is totally and completely up to the writer! The book is sectioned off into checkpoints and each checkpoint goes with whatever your goals are. Within the book, short and long term goals are discussed. You get to determine how long you want to feed and in turn, you determine how long you will journal.

Q: What if I decide to end my feeding journey sooner than expected?

A: That’s totally okay! There is a section in this book for weaning. There is also a section that talks about how your journey can change course. Either way, it’s okay if you end your journey a little bit sooner than you anticipated. If anything, journaling can help with coming to terms with whatever decision you’ve made. 

Q: Are there any other colors?

A: There are currently only the colors listed which are: pink, gray, black, and light blue.
If you’re interested in more colors, PLEASE let me know! I am currently in the works of editing the journals and would love your input. 🙂

Q: Can I still buy this journal if I’m not directly nursing my baby?

A: You can! While I totally get that it may seem that emphasis is on directly nursing your baby, this book aims to be as inclusive to all feeding styles. If you’re exclusively pumping, combination feeding, or anything else, this book can also be for you! The journal also aims to focus past the early days of nursing, moving onto eating solids and switching to cups. It fully goes through the entire year of infant feeding! With that being said, it’s for everyone and I highly recommend it, no matter your feeding style!

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