Introducing The Milk Memoirs, an infant feeding journal!

I’m so honored, thrilled, and excited to share my latest baby, “The Milk Memoirs”. The Milk Memoirs is an infant journal meant to capture the good, bad, and beautiful of your feeding journey. Whether you’re combination feeding, exclusively pumping, breastfeeding for 3 weeks, ETC, this book can be tailored to fit whatever your journey may be!

infant feeding journal, breastfeeding journal

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– how it started –

One day, I sat scrolling through all of my old pictures in order to find a breastfeeding photo for Instagram. After scrolling for way too long, I remembered that I didn’t have any. I remembered not taking any pictures or videos because I didn’t think it was a significant moment at the time. Although I can’t change it, I slightly regret my past decision of commemorating those moments.

I also began to think about how I couldn’t remember much of my experience, especially when I tried to compare the two experiences.
This is when I thought “how perfect would it be to have had a journal that captured the good, bad, and beautiful moments of breastfeeding. Moments that are wrapped into that first foggy year (or years) of parenthood… When I told my husband, he agreed with that the idea was brilliant.

infant feeding journal, breastfeeding journal

Stuck at home, with a brain full of thoughts, I began working on The Milk Memoirs at the beginning of the U.S. quarantine (March 2020) and here it is today!
I hope you love it as much as I do!
Here’s a little sneak peak of a couple of pages:


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