infaNT feeding, breastfeeding books

infant feeding books

Over the past couple of months, I’ve spent time reading infant feeding books in efforts to have better resources to recommend for y’all! While I haven’t read them all, I’ve definitely read A LOT of them! This post has 7 that I’ve read SO FAR that I absolutely loved and would totally recommend! 🙂 affiliate links below!

breastfeeding books, infant feeding books

  1. work. pump. repeat.
    it’s slightly dated as far as pump options BUT it’s still so, so good. And of course, new pumps will be introduced frequently so it can’t be re-written every time a new pump comes out. ANYWAYS, I loved it. I loved the authors voice, which I think is crucial to really understand what’s happening in a book! There are such good tips and information in regards to pumping and being in the workplace! 
    perfect for: people who plan to mostly pump, anyone going back to the workplace

  2. cribsheet
    this book only covers breastfeeding briefly but what it does cover is enough to give two different viewpoints of the statistics surrounding breastfeeding. All in all, I loved the book for each topic in relation to motherhood. I may not have agreed with all of the information presented BUT I think it’s a very helpful book with many viewpoints of popular parenting topics. 
    perfect for: people who would labelled themselves as “type A”

  3. mother food
    this book contains recipes and the science behind certain foods that reportedly increase milk supply. 
    perfect for: parents with concerns regarding milk supply

  4. baby led breastfeeding
    omgsh this book made breastfeeding seem a lot more chill than the media and other books make it out to be! Which I loved! I think it did a great job not over explaining while still getting to the point!
    perfect for: first time parents

  5. like a mother
    this book isn’t necessarily just about breastfeeding BUT it has a good section that covers the ins and outs of it, as well as the political side of breastfeeding. I think having this knowledge is helpful in knowing whether or not your healthcare professional is actually advocating for you or dismissing your feelings your feelings regarding feedings.
    perfect for: first time parents
  6. making more milk
    such a good resource when it comes to talking about milk supply! Even better, it dives into reasons WHY you might not be producing as much as you expect, which I think can be helpful if you’re looking to investigate into a reason. It also offers tips on how to produce more milk!
    perfect for: first time parents, parents concerned with milk supply
  7. sweet sleep
    ah! sleep is such a touchy subject! I don’t ever give any advice on this because I think it’s all dependent on your lifestyle and preferences. this book does offer tips for families that want to continue to exclusively breastfeeding and how to incorporate positive sleep habits with it. 
    perfect for: parents concerned with infant sleep and breastfeeding


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