Hey! I’m Erica!

Here are 5 fun facts about me: I love the color pink. I could eat breakfast for every meal. Stuffed animals gross me out. I love to dance. I choose sleep over a lot of things. Okay, on to the lactation stuff!

I am a former Mother/Baby Registered Nurse and current Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I am also a mother of 2 sweet little babes that I breastfed as well! From my professional experience at work and personal experience with my own children, I had a revelation about prenatal education for breastfeeding mothers! With that mindset, The Milk Manual was founded!

While working on the floor as a Mother/Baby RN, I noticed several mothers struggling with the first few days of breastfeeding. They didn’t know what to expect or how to overcome those beginner obstacles. The raw emotions from childbirth combined with the feelings of guilt were enough for me to say something must be done to help these women achieve their goals!

The Milk Manual is a resource for all parents enduring their infant feeding journey. Whether this is your very first experience or you’re in the final days, I want to be here to help make your journey as smooth and beautiful as possible! By providing classes, online resources, and consultations (in person and online), I hope to provide every resource available to help breastfeeding families!

No matter what your goal may be, The Milk Manual is a judgment-free zone that is here to educate and support you along the way! Thank you for visiting the site! I hope this is the start of a new and beautiful relationship.

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