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Before you get wild and full up your cart with breastfeeding related items from this list, I want to encourage you to trust your body as well! Good marketing has convinced us to believe that we NEED a lot of items when we truly don’t ;).

Anyways, here is a compiled list of my current breastfeeding favorites. Most of them I have used personally and others have been recommended! Bonus, you can shop almost all of the links through my affiliate links. Happy shopping!

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Enjoy 🙂

breastfeeding favorites

  1. Hands-Free Nursing Bra | a must have if you want to pump with mobility- calling all working and exclusive pumpers!
  2. Nursing Tank | personally love a good nursing tank- good for summer and good for the 2-shirt method of feeding
  3. Breast Milk Storage Bags | an easy must-have, perfect to get and to gift to other nursing mamas. Especially these bags with motivational messages on them
  4. Haakaa | a manual pump (somewhat). It operates on suction and really great for catching your letdown!
  5. Nursing Pillow | I personally feel like the My BrestFriend Pillow is better for beginners and newborn babies while the Boppy Pillow is better as a long term pillow. my opinion as a mom, not an ibclc 😉
  6. Nursing Pads | I’m all about going green and reusing everything so I highly recommend the reusable nursing pads. I know there are times when disposable ones may be needed as well. So I still recommend those as well.
  7. Quick Clean Wipes | I used these occasionally when pumping at work or doing really quick pumping sessions in random spaces (I did a few of these).
  8. Milk Savers | great for collecting any leakage!
  9. Nursing Cover | I’m a supporter of freeing the nipple AND covering up if you want to! If you need a nursing cover, this one is great!
  10. Hydrogel Pads | so, so, SO good for nipple tenderness
  11. Breast Pump | there are several different pumps you can choose from. I recommend getting a double electric pump, no matter what!
  12. Hot and Cold Breast Comfort Pads | great for the engorgement phase for sure. They warm up and they freeze… Bonus: you can keep them in your freezer for other non-breastfeeding related uses! I’d definitely just used them as ice packs for my kids after falling or head bumps, haha!
  13. Breast Pump Bag | I’m the organized type and I like to have bags for things. A breast pump bag is a must for exclusive pumping or working parents. This post has several options.
  14. Nipple Cream | Nipple creams are super popular. I used them sparingly but I know that everyone absolutely loved them.

What are some of your breastfeeding favorites?