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what mothers REALLY want (mother’s day gift guide 2022)

mother's day gifts

if you're looking for the perfect mother's day gift, then look no more!

first off, let me just say that i love my instagram community. they always show up for me and help me grow so much as a lactation consultant, woman, and mother. this post is inspired by a poll that was done on my instagram stories asking my community “what do you really want for mother’s day”. I asked because I’m not a gift giving person nor do i even think of receiving gifts. for some reason, this year, i realized that i do want to be celebrated and given things… even if i have to send a direct link to my husband and say “hey i want this pair of shoes in this color” haha.

like i said, i asked my community and they helped a girl out! this list will contain several things that were recommended on my instagram stories and a few additional things too 🙂 the best part of all of this is that these things are TRULY what mother’s want! so if you’re reading this in order to find a great gift, you are truly in luck 🙂

also, as you know, this post may contain SOME affiliate links! you can learn more about these links from the disclosure section of this site!

1. massage

this is an easy one and one that ALMOST EVERY MOM said they would like! a nice 90 minute massage would do wonders! after holding babies all day and holding down the fort, a massage makes total sense!

2. spa day

after a massage, almost every mom that commented requested a spa day of some sort. so like in addition to the massage, make it a full day… get a pedicure, get a manicure, have some mimosas, lounge next to the pool or in the sauna. go big but don’t go home… go to the spa instead 😉

3. hair day

new hair, new mama… i get it. i, too, love having my hair professionally washed and styled. several moms said they’d love a silk press or a blowout!

it should also be noted that a couple stated that they’d simply love to splurge and get the dyson air wrap or keep it simple and get the revlon hot air brush.

4. photoshoot

such a good idea and gesture! a lot of mothers stated that they weren’t in the photos enough and wanted to get some professional “mommy and me” photos in addition to family photos! 

5. flowers

such an easy one! flowers 🙂 whatever the favorite flowers may be, GET THEM!
trader joe’s always has a great floral selection for a good price.

6. extra sleep

another easy one!

some moms said they’d like to sleep in.

some moms said they’d like to have a mid-day nap!

some moms said they’d like to get more sleep and don’t care how it happens!

so this is where the gift giver gets creative and thinks, “how and when can i make sure this woman gets more sleep” and then do it!

7. guilt-free shopping

a few moms said they wanted to go out and buy themselves things without feeling guilt! as we know, guilt is internal. the best way that a gift giver can help eliminate the guilt that goes with shopping is to give a gift card or cash and say “hey, go buy WHATEVER you want with this money. it’s your day”

8. a day free of household responsibilities

haha! so many people said they’d just love to have the physical and mental load of parenthood eliminated! so that means no cooking, no cleaning, no organizing. literally just a day of chilling while someone else takes control of all of the responsibilities. and i absolutely love this idea.

i think things can definitely more of a vibe if you let the mom stay in bed all day in a completely different room. because if there’s one thing kids will do, is come and need their mom, even if the house is filled with several other adults. so definitely make it known to the household that that day is MAMAS DAY OFF!

9. jewelry

a few different types of jewelry styles were mentioned and i want to share them all and highlight some nice mom-owned shops!

– breastmilk jewelry
i’ve always been ENAMORED by the thought of getting breastmilk jewelry but sadly i discovered it after my own breastfeeding journey. this company makes necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. and it’s all from mom’s milk! 

one company that i follow on instagram is @thempoweredmama and you can find more info about breastmilk jewelry on her site!

i’m not normally an earring person. i usually just go with a simple gold hoop BUT i’m loving clay, statement earrings. this shop is owned by a sweet friend who is an incredible person. the company is @shopmorningluna and these earrings would make great gifts for any mama (or grandma)!

10. a day away


what does this mean? 

literally anything… some moms said they’d want a day with their friends, or to go brunch with friends, or simply just be away. this could mean getting a one night hotel stay in a nice hotel in the neighborhood. it could be getting a bed and breakfast. it could be getting everyone else out of the house and mama having the day to herself. whatever it is… it’s a day away from only being a mom. it’s a day to reclaim herself and be whoever she wants to be!

11. professional home cleaning

self explanatory! she doesn’t want to clean! so do some local research and hire a team that can come get the job done! surprise her with a nice clean house!

12. coffee or espresso machine

coffee… say less! 

a new coffee or espresso machine is the perfect gift! 

if you want to splurge on an espresso machine, here’s an option! and if you’re looking to save, here’s a budget friendly option. and another one here.

13. new clothes

lots of people said new workout clothes or just a new wardrobe for their new body! definitely something a few gift cards can help! 

14. mom-specific clothing

if you’ve seen any tops that say things like “mama” or “momlife” or something cute, that’s a definitely must-buy this year! 

here are a few mom-owned brands that i follow on instagram. they have such cute tops! pictures of their tops are included in the image above 🙂

@blissfulmami_ on instagram but here is the site

@thelittlemilkbar on instagram but here is the site

15. DIY gifts from the kids

this is probably the easiest one, y’all! some sweet little DIY gifts from the kids 🙂 Pinterest has tons of easy projects that other family members could manage. one of my favorites is the homemade ornament with the handprint. OMGSH so cute. 

and there you have it... 15 pretty easy mother's day gifts that moms truly want! milk manual will also be running a sale for mother’s day! so if you know anyone interested in getting a discount on breastfeeding courses, webinars, or guides, send them this way! use the code MDAY2022 for 15 percent off of anything on the site 🙂

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