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quick tips on dealing with leaking milk

The concept of how to deal with leaking milk isn’t a very complicated one but I figured I’d share some links and tips here on this little blog post! Here are my biggest tips and tricks on dealing with leaking milk! (affiliate links listed below)

1 | When using pads, make sure to remove them frequently! Don’t let the pads sit against your chest for a prolonged period of time as this can put you more as risk for infection or mastitis.

Great pad options include:

2 | You can collect your milk! Some parents will use options such as:

  • Milkies milk collectors: can be placed in nursing tank or bra to collect extra leaking milk. 
  • Haakaa: an option of using a passive manual pump to suction on and collect leaking from opposite side than the feeding side.

3 | Applying pressure when feeling the let down.

  • squeezing your arms to hug your chest
  • putting direct pressure on your nipples. either pressing down with your fingers or whatever you can!

4 | my personal favorite: let it flow! If you’re leaking, it could be a sign that the milk needs to get out! So either feed, pump, or freely leak it out!


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