top 10 postpartum must haves

I feel like nowadays people put so much emphasis of all of the things that they “need” to buy for parenthood. Truthfully, we don’t need as much as we think we do! This brought me to the question: “If I could only buy 10 postpartum must haves, which would be in my top 10favorite postpartum must haves?” This post answers that question!

I want to start by saying that my favorite thing about almost all of these items is that they can be used long term! These items are not just meant for the postpartum period. They have long term potential.postpartum must havestop 10 postpartum must haves

  1. comfy pajamas
    best options would be either button-down tops (easy access if you plan to nurse) or a nightgown/robe!
  2. tumbler
    water, water, water! I’m sure you’ve heard to stay hydrated while nursing. Whether you choose to nurse or not, you need to make sure you’re well hydrated. Always keep a tumbler close by.
  3. nipple cream
    obviously nipple cream is great on the nipples but it’s even better on your lips! My lips were always chapped during the postpartum stage. The nipple cream served dual purposes and I’m so here for that!
  4. postpartum panties
    you can go the mesh panties route or the regular period panties. Either way, these were a postpartum must-have for me. I literally could NOT even imagine wearing my regular panties during that time.
  5. pericare kit
    THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL KIT. I was shocked when I saw it at Target. This is an item that I give at every baby shower.
  6. hot/cold pads
    these can be used to help stimulate the breast (heat) and relieve engorgement (cold). They can also be used at regular heating and cold pads for literally anything else… Again, that dual purpose is incredible. I also like these more than the typical heating pads because of the lack of plastic and toxins.
  7. abdominal binder
    the first time I bought a binder, I’m going to be honest, it was for vanity reasons. Once I wore it, I realized how much it helped my posture and back pain post delivery. A lot of moms who deliver via c-section also state that it still helps healing and pain during the entire postpartum stage.
  8. diaper caddy
    save yourself the trouble and hassle and get yourself a caddy. Store your feeding things, your baby things, your snacks… you name it!
  9. portable fan
    weird item, I know. I had the weirdest hot flashes during the first few weeks of postpartum. Having a fan was helpful while moving around so much. It was also nice to have the direct gust of wind on me.
  10. e-reader
    another weird one but I read so many good books during my late night feedings. I know there are several things you can do during the late night feedings (scroll social media, binge watch shows on your phone) but reading books was one of my favorite things to do.

If you have to choose your top 10 postpartum must haves, what would you choose? Would you choose any of the ones on my list? Comment below! 🙂

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  • I would love the abdominal binder, I had a c-section and good compression will help speed up the recovery. Moreover, when I breastfeed, my baby kicks occasionally and sometimes she knocks the c-section wound area.

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