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5 Things to Do for Prenatal Lactation Prep

Before baby’s arrival, it can be super helpful to start preparing as much as you possibly can for you and baby. This blog post features 5 things you can do for prenatal lactation prep!

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  1. study up with lactation books

    there is a lot to learn during the prenatal stage! one of the best places to learn the SCIENCE behind breastfeeding/pumping and what to expect is from the literature. This blog post has several recommended books. Each of these books covers a different area that relates to lactation (ex: going back to work, nutrition, infant sleep, etc.)

  2. take a lactation course

    I’m currently offering a lactation course and I highly recommend it. I made it so I obviously think it’s worth it but if you choose to find a course elsewhere! That’s fine too! Take it! A lactation course can sometimes give you a little bit more information than a book can- especially if there are videos that demonstrate positioning, hand expression, etc. (like my course does- you can access it here).

  3. get a breast pump (through insurance, if applicable)

    I can’t speak for the rest of the world but I can say that in the U.S., if you have insurance, WIC, or Medicaid, you qualify for a breast pump. Please reach out to get your breast pump during pregnancy! Whether you plan to use it or not, it’s better to have sooner rather than later!

  4. buy the basics

    just start with the basics- things that you can use no matter what. You can obviously buy more things if you want but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just buy the basics and wait on everything else! This isn’t to say that you won’t you need more things as you endure your feeding journey!
    the basics include: a breast pump (and bottles to go with it), nipple relief ointments or products, a nursing pillow, nursing pads, and nursing bra or tank.

  5. establish a feeding plan

    I talk a bit about goal setting and making a plan in my infant feeding journal AND in my infant feeding course! But once you gained knowledge from the books and course and bought all of the basics you may need, you should be set to start establishing a plan that works for you and your family! This plan can include: your feeding goals, how you plan to achieve these goals, etc. Whatever plans you have for feedings and how you’ll tackle them/whatever obstacles you may come across!

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